OLSP Academy Review: What You Need to Know

OLSP academy review

I'd heard OLSP Academy is the fastest growing traffic community. Turning newbie marketers into Super Affiliates. So I thought I would investigate, and see what all the fuss is about.

This is what I discovered...

OLSP Academy Review

The affiliate marketing industry is currently worth over $8 Billion Dollars. So there's plenty of money out there for the taking.

But the reason I was skeptical is because getting traffic is the hardest thing for newbies. It's what they struggle with the most.

And even if they do manage to get some traffic, there is another massive hurdle to overcome. That is the problem of conversions. Turning that traffic into sales.

You can get all the traffic in the world, but if it doesn't convert you make no money.

So I joined OLSP Academy.

What is OLSP Academy, And Where Did it Come From?

OLSP Academy is a free training portal. They claim to be able to take any struggling affiliate marketer. No matter where they live. Their background, or experience.

And turn them into cash-generating experts.

Wayne Crowe is the owner of OLSP Academy. He is a multi-millionaire, with more than 23 years of experience in sales and conversions.

He has strong connections with WarriorPlus. He was a very successful vendor there. WarriorPlus is a massive sales platform.

There are two groups of people. Vendors (product creators) and affiliates. Those are the ones who promote the products in return for a commission.

The majority of products on WarriorPlus are junk. And most of the vendors are shady at best.

But there are a few good guys.

Wayne then went on to create his very own affiliate platform. That platform is now known as OLSP Academy. Its name used to be called OLSP System.

The site has been refurbished and improved. 

It has a similar model to WarriorPlus. Products are being sold, and affiliates are promoting them.

The difference is though. WarriorPlus offers no training whatsoever for the affiliates.

What has been happening for many years, and what is still going on.

Is, the affiliates on WarriorPlus get all their training from buying WarriorPlus products.

And as I say, most of them are junk. So you can imagine how successful those affiliates are going to be.

The fact is, most of the people who are buying WarriorPlus products. Are actually the affiliates themselves! 

It's crazy.

But true.

They are there to earn commissions. But they end up being the customers themselves.

That's not the case with OLSP Academy. The training is comprehensive and free. At OLSP Academy, the affiliates are able to make real money. They apply what they learn and start earning commissions.

Wayne is so confident in the Academy, that he pays people $20 for doing the Bootcamp.

How Does OLSP Academy Work? [The Process]

When you Sign up for OLSP Academy, you sign up through one link. That's what OLSP stands for. It means One Lead System Pixel. It allows everyone in the academy to earn commissions through a single link. And that's without having to sell anything.

When I signed up, I entered my email address. And my special link was automatically generated.

I joined the OLSP Academy Facebook Group, and they enticed me towards the Bootcamp. With the lure of earning a free $20. The Bootcamp took me about an hour and a half. The videos aren't very long.

It's pretty basic stuff though. You won't become a cash-generating expert after completing the Bootcamp.

And the $20 Dollars is just a gimmick.

It's very clever though, to entice people in. You see they don't pay $20 straight into your bank account.

You've got to have at least $50 in your account before you get paid anything.

It gives you a head start though. Make one sale, and you could be due a payout. 

Learn Email Marketing Step by Step With OLSP Academy

Email marketing at OLSP academy

Now we're getting into the real meat. You get to learn email marketing step by step.

After I completed the Bootcamp, I did the main training. It is top-notch. And you would pay good money to learn that anywhere else.

So it is excellent you get it all for free.

The only issue you might have is, that they ask you to buy a funnel system.

It costs $47 a month.

Of course, if you send someone in through your OLSP affiliate link, and they buy.

You will earn a recurring commission every month. But you don't need to buy it yourself.

In fact if you don't want to learn email marketing, you can still make money with this.

And not spend a single penny.

All you would need to do is follow the training and share your OLSP Academy affiliate link.

All the selling will be done for you after that. That includes follow-up emails. Wayne Crowe will email all your leads every day until they buy something.

And he will pay for retargeting adverts if they don't open the emails.

And his expertise should get you earning commissions.

With that said, I can't encourage you enough to build your own email list as well.

If you send people into the Academy, most people won't buy anything. They need following up.

Once you're in your OLSP Academy dashboard, you will be able to message your contacts manually. It's all in the training.

That's better than nothing. But once you get a couple of hundred leads, that's going to take you a heck of a long time. You could spend all day, just emailing people.

When you have your own email list, you can follow them all up on autopilot.

OLSP Academy has its own landing page software for capturing email addresses. It's called TD Pages. And it costs $47.

On top of that, you would need an autoresponder to send out the emails to people.

The training will recommend Getresponse, which is a great autoresponder.

You can actually get Getresponse for free now. But that's only for 500 subscribers. After that, it gets pretty expensive.

Free Landing Page Builder For Affiliate Marketing Right Here

Lightbulb at OLSP Academy

If you'd rather start earning money before you pay for anything. I recommend you go through all the training at OLSP Academy.

But don't buy anything. You don't need it.

I am using an amazing funnel builder called Systeme.

And no that's not a typo, that's how you spell it. If you've been in the marketing space for any length of time, you've no doubt heard about Clickfunels.

And all the hype that goes around with it.

Clickfunnels is a fantastic funnel builder, but it costs $97 a month for its most basic service.

If you pay $297 a month, you get a lot more. Including creating webinars, and creating courses. You can even create your own affiliate program.

Well, guess what?

Systeme can do everything Clickfunnels can do.

And more!

And did I tell you?

It's free.


How amazing is that? In fact, the owner of Systeme, Aurelien Amacker, is a former Clickfunnels user himself.

He is a professional marketer. And for a long time, Clickfunnels ruled the roost with the big boys.

What he has created is very similar. If you've ever used Clickfunnels, what you'll notice is. The layout and functionality of Systeme is much the same.

It has a similar feel. And it's very easy to use.

Why is Systeme much better than Clickfunnels? Here's why...

With Clickfunnels, you can create a beautiful landing page to capture people's emails.

It also has a built-in autoresponder, for sending emails to people on autopilot.

Sounds great, doesn't it?

But here's the catch.

If you're on the basic plan. $97 per month.

You don't get the built-in autoresponder.

It's exactly the same with TD Pages I told you about earlier. ($47 a month)

To get the landing page and the autoresponder, you would need to upgrade to $297 every month.

Can you imagine someone just trying to get started in the affiliate marketing game?

With all those upfront costs?

That's what it was like for many years, I can assure you. Clickfunnels ruled the roost for a long time.

It wasn't easy for the little guy with a family to feed. Trying to get ahead in life. So that he could be a better provider.

Well again.

Guess what.

Now the little guy can do it all for free.

Landing pages and autoresponder are all for free.

With Systeme.

How do you feel about that?

Don't you think that's incredibly decent of Aurelien?

With Systeme, you get the chance to collect emails from 2000 people. That's right two thousand.

And you can send unlimited emails every day.

For free.

After 2000, it will cost you $32 a month.

If you collect 2000 email subscribers.

And you're not making money.

Do Not Upgrade.

If you've got 2000 targeted subscribers. You should be making a lot of money.

Here's a trick:

If someone has never opened your emails.

After 4 weeks.

Delete them.

That way when you get to 2000, you will have an active audience. For free. And you should be making plenty of money.

Have a look at the dashboard...

Traffic Domination Gets You Sales And Commissions

When you join OLSP Academy, you will get a special affiliate link. All you need to do is share that link.

All the selling will be done for you after that point.

But you will still need to get traffic to that link first.

And as I say, that's the hardest part.

Luckily the training at OLSP Academy is all about traffic. There are a variety of methods taught.

I saw plenty of newbies on there. The ones taking action are getting results.

A lot of them are using the TD Pages for $47 a month, and putting up screenshots of all their earnings.

But I know for a fact, that some are using their own autoresponders and landing pages.

If you build a list using Systeme. And send people into the academy, you will get recurring commissions on TD Pages.

Wayne Crowe does a lot of Facebook lives. You will love the free training.

They are a bit long though.

They are always about getting traffic. He always offers a special deal at the end of them.

He always records them, and you're going to love what I'm about to tell you.

Once you're in the Academy, you can get a link to all the replays. There are tons of them.

If you copy the replay links, you can put them in your autoresponder to send out to your list on autopilot.

All you do is write something about the replays, then put the link at the end of the email.

If you're stuck on what to write. You can simply copy and paste The headline and description on each video.

If anyone buys the offer at the end of the replay.

You will get paid 50% commissions.

Even as a free member.

I've seen people do it.

I have joined their list to have a sneak peek at what they're up to.

There is big money in some of those replays.

If you send someone in, and they buy on the lives, you will get paid as well. But not as much as the replays.

Traffic Dominators on Hand to Help You

There are a bunch of traffic dominators on the OLSP Academy Facebook Group.

There are people asking questions. The advice coming from the traffic dominators is first class.

There are well over 130,000 people in the Group. They are all very friendly and upbeat.

Again, the biggest thing you need to make money in there is traffic.

You can get traffic from anywhere.

I am getting traffic from this blog. You could get traffic from Youtube.

Youtube shorts are explosive at the moment. That's because Youtube is copying TikTok.

Same with Instagram. Just do what you prefer.

Another trick:

Just be fun on TikTok, don't try to sell anything. When you have zero subscribers, put your Youtube channel in your profile. Say, or do something to grab attention.

Tell people to visit your profile and watch a video. 

In the video help people, genuinely. Speak as though you were speaking to a member of your family. Put your affiliate link in the description. Tell people to click on the link below, pointing downwards with your finger.

When you have 1000 subs on TikTok, you will be allowed a link in your profile. You could then use a blog to do the selling. 

Whatever traffic source you are working on, remember one thing.

Don't stop.

Consistency is key.

Here's another short video.

My Final Thoughts on OLSP Academy.

I have Reviewed OLSP Academy thoroughly. And I can honestly say hand on heart. It is a genuine and legit place to learn affiliate marketing.

The stuff they are teaching is ethical and up to date.

If you make use of Systeme, you have the potential to make a lot of money with the replays. And all for free.

The only thing I would add is. I forgot to mention it. To collect emails, you will need a lead magnet.

That's something you give away for free in exchange for their email. You can either entice people with the free $20. Or give away a cheat sheet. Don't know what to write?

Find somebody else giving away a cheat sheet. Copy the ideas. Not word for word.

Write them out on a Google Doc, and save it as a PDF.

And there you have it.

If you combine everything on this page, with what you will learn at the OLSP Academy. You have absolutely no excuse not to make money.

How to Delete Your WarriorPlus Account [Pictures]

How to delete WarriorPlus account

If you're asking the question, how do I delete my WarriorPlus account?

You either want to aim a torpedo at your WarriorPlus account, and completely blow it out of the water.


You're wanting to delete your merchant account only.

Either way, you're in the right place.

You might've had a terrible experience on WarriorPlus. If that's the case, it's understandable why you might want to delete your entire account.

You might not want your personal details on there. Or you might want to delete everything for your own personal reasons.

How to Cancel WarriorPlus Account

Here's what to do to cancel your account.

First, you'll need to log into your WarriorPlus account.

Then click on the big red button at the top right. It will have your account username on it.

WarriorPlus account

You will see a dropdown menu. Click on My Account.

You will then be on this page.

Where to delete account

WarriorPlus Contact to delete Your Account

You will notice there is no delete button.

You probably already knew that, and that's why you asked Google.

How to delete your WarriorPlus account?

If you never want to see your Warriorplus account again.

If you want to blow it out of the water and delete it from the internet.

The only way you can do that is by contacting WarriorPlus. And you do that by clicking the Help and Support link at the bottom.

WarriorPlus don't want you to delete your account.

So they haven't made it very easy for you.

They've got every other button on there. Everything you could think of. But how dare you want to delete your account?

We have a nice clear button to accept your credit card though!

WarriorPlus Support: How to Contact WarriorPlus

When you click on the help and support button you will arrive at this page…

WarriorPlus Support

And so the confusion continues.

You find yourself presented with an almighty big search bar. So much for help and support. You're now supposed to start asking questions.

So you try typing Delete Account.

Still no help.

They will tell you how to delete your merchant account. But they are still determined for you not to cancel your whole account.

This is the journey I went on to get the answer.

How to delete your WarriorPlus account?

It was quite frustrating.

Next, I typed in Support.

The sheer lack of help continued.

The only answers were, how to get support if you've bought a product.

That's another rabbit hole I won't bother you with.

I finally discovered how to contact WarriorPlus to get your account deleted. You click on the red circle at the bottom of the page. The one with a white smiling message bubble.

A pop-up will appear. Don't click on any more articles. Scroll down to where it says Start Another Conversation.

Request that your entire WarriorPlus account gets deleted. They say they will get back to you in a matter of hours, but it could take a day.

How to Delete WarriorPlus Merchant Account

If you're wanting to delete a merchant account on WarriorPlus, that's easy. All you do is again, click on the big red account button at the top right.

It has your account username on it. When you see a dropdown menu, click on my account.

Then on the next page, click on the Merchant Accounts button. It's on the right-hand column, under Vendor/Affiliates.

You can either add another account by hitting the green button. Or delete an account by clicking on the little bin icon.

Are You Interested in Promoting Hot Products That Are Not a Scam?

I'm sure you're aware there are far too many bad products on WarriorPlus.

A lot of them are outright scams.

If you're building a list, you need to develop a good reputation with that list. What do you think would happen if someone trusted you enough to buy something from you?

And you sold them one of those crappy software on WarriorPlus that plain does not work?

What if they bought some of the up-sells to get even more traffic from the software?

The software that doesn't even work in the first place! They could get excited and end up spending hundreds of Dollars.

Yes, you might be rubbing your hands with glee, when you get those 50% commissions. But will they ever trust you again?

I can tell you with certainty, they will never want to buy from you again.


If you bend over backward to help people.

And you sell them something that will help them to find success. You will have a loyal follower.

And they will keep coming back to buy from you again, and again.

Your email list is the hub of your business. People who put their hands in their pockets are very valuable.

If you join us you will get free training on how to build a high quality email list. You will get hot, profitable products to promote.

You will even get paid just to watch the first few videos.

You might want to get the WarriorPlus app for your phone.

WarriorPlus App Download: Warning! [Read First]

warriorplus app download

If you're looking for the WarriorPlus App Download, here's what you need to know. You can get a full appraisal of WarriorPlus in case you end up wasting your time or money. 

WarriorPlus does indeed have an app you can have on your phone, but not everyone can get it.

It's available on Google Play. But you can only have it on your phone if you have an Android.

There is nothing for IOS Apple users.

I searched on my Apple Phone in the App Store, and the closest thing I could find was an App called "Jvify."

They claim to be able to give you easy access to all the listings on WarriorPlus, JVzoo, and Clickbank.

Their selling point is that you add any launch from these platforms to your calendar at the touch of a button.

They also claim that platforms like WarriorPlus aren't very mobile-friendly.

Hence the reason you might be looking for the WarriorPlus App Download.

I downloaded Jvify, and I didn't find it very helpful at all. Plus the App is 4 years old, and there isn't a single review.

Even if you Google it, there are no reviews to be found.

That kind of tells me it's not popular.

Is WarriorPlus Mobile-Friendly?

Yes, my experience tells me WarriorPlus is very mobile-friendly.

Logging into WarriorPlus with your phone is a breeze. It is fully functional and a delight to use.

Everything is there as usual. Just click on your profile and you will get access to your purchase history.

Where all the products you bought are safely stored.

And if you're an affiliate you could be sitting on an Express Train charging through the Swiss Alps.

Checking out how much money you've made on WarriorPlus.

While at the same time sipping on your favourite Cafe Late.

warriorplus coffee shop

As long as there is an internet connection WarriorPlus is very mobile-friendly.

But here's the thing.

Can You Do Affiliate Marketing With Your Phone on WarriorPlus?

You could.

But you would be very limited. Using your phone is great for the easy stuff.

Like checking the Balance in your WarriorPlus Wallet. Or seeing how many sales you've made.

If you do our free training you will be able to do Affiliate Marketing with your phone.

We teach people how to make money by posting links on Facebook.

You could do that on your phone.

Did I tell you, you will get paid just for doing the training?

You could do it now, and be earning in under an hour.

Not only will you get paid for watching a few videos.

You have the opportunity to keep going and earn commissions of up to $3000 Dollars.

There is no investment required for you to do this.

If you join us, don't be fooled when you see some stuff for sale. If you follow the simple instructions you can get plenty of sales with Zero investment.

To do Affiliate Marketing on WarriorPlus though, you will need a laptop or a desktop.

Most, if not all of the affiliates on there have an Email List. To set all that up is much easier on a laptop.

You can browse your stats on your phone. Like how many people have joined your list.

Or, how many clicks you got on your affiliate link. You will be using Software for all that. And using software is much easier on a laptop.

WarriorPlus App For Marketplace

If you're lucky enough to have an Android phone you will have easy access to the WarriorPlus Marketplace and do some trading.

But as I say it's just as easy to log in with an iPhone.

The only thing you might notice is WarriorPlus has new security measures in place.

Before you can get in you will need to click over to your emails to get the security number.

It's only 6 digits. Then you will have to type them into WarriorPlus.

Whatever way you do it, you will have full access to the WarriorPlus Marketplace.

Is there anything you're missing out on if you don't have the WarriorPlus App download?

People who have the App don't have access to anything you or I don't have.

You will see the same Deals of The Day.

You will see all the latest offers.

Why You Should Use a Laptop on WarriorPlus

affiliate marketing laptop

First of all, if you buy a product. Let's say you buy a course. You're going to find it much more pleasurable watching the videos on a laptop.


It's much easier to see on a bigger screen. Would you rather watch a movie on your phone, or on a laptop?

A bigger screen is a much better experience.

Plus often you will be looking over someone's shoulder, as they show you step by step, how to make money online.

You won’t be able to see clearly on a phone. So you will miss a lot.

Another reason you should use a laptop is when you're looking for an offer to promote as an affiliate.

There are so many offers on WarriorPlus, it's unbelievable.

Some of the offers have the potential to make you a lot of money. But others might make you nothing.

How can you know which is which?

Well, that's when you will be relying on the very detailed stats you get on WarriorPlus.

These stats go into a lot of detail. It's much easier to see all the numbers on a laptop.

You want to be promoting something that has a good track record of generating sales.

And even a product that has managed to clock up a pile of sales.

You've got to analyse how many refunds that product is getting.

Remember if you do manage to get a sale. Your money locked in WarriorPlus until it's past the danger zone.

The period of time required to make sure there are no refunds.

If there is a refund, you get nothing!

So it's a good idea to think first before you promote. The easiest way is to analyse them on a laptop.

Done For You Affiliate Marketing

How would you like to get all the selling done for you?

How would you like to get all the email marketing done for you?

If you join us you will get paid to watch a few training videos. Then if you decide to do a bit of work after that to promote a link.

We teach you what to do.

You will get all the selling done for you. You could start now. Why hang about?

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How to remove your WarriorPlus account from the internet.



WarriorPlus Affiliate Program – Get Paid The Highest Commissions

warriorplus affiliate program

If you're thinking about joining the WarriorPlus Affiliate Program, you're not alone.

Thousands of people are flocking to WarriorPlus every day, hoping to hit the Jackpot.

Becoming an affiliate is completely free, and you will start learning a lot.

All you need to do is join WarriorPlus.

You will be asked whether you want to sign up as a Vendor, or an Affiliate.

If you’re not ready to create your own product, then you’ll want to hit the Affiliate button.

One of the biggest attractions of WarriorPlus is the high commissions you can get.

If you're interested in any of the following subjects, then you will enjoy promoting what you’ll find on there.

What Are Good Affiliate Products on WarriorPlus?

Do you like Marketing Education? That is the biggest category on WarriorPlus.

It covers everything, from affiliate marketing to email marketing and everything in between.

Then there's copywriting.

As an affiliate marketer, you won't need to write any complicated sales letters.

That's all done by the vendors. But nevertheless. Knowing about copywriting will put you ahead of the game wherever you are posting anything.

It could be on your blog. Or it might be a simple social media post. Knowing the right words to say will give you an advantage.

You will know what things arouse people's interest.

Things that make people want to share a post. As an affiliate you will need to know how to pre-sell.

If you don’t know how to pre-sell you won’t get any sales.

I can give you access to free training where you will learn everything you need to know.

WarriorPlus SEO: It Matters

And what about SEO (search engine optimisation)

That's a massive subject.

When you're promoting products on the WarriorPlus affiliate program you will need people to sell to.

The three best places to do that are Social Media, Blogging, and Youtube.

Not in any particular order of importance. Where do you see yourself promoting?

You see everyone is different. Some people like being on camera. They don’t mind the exposure that comes with being a Celebrity. To achieve that status though, they would need to learn a bit about Youtube SEO.

You don't need to be an expert in SEO to make money, but knowing the basics would get your business up and running.

It would start getting those commissions rolling in.

If you're more of a writer, and you would like to see yourself as the next Hemingway, then Blogging is the sure way to go. SEO is a must if that's something that appeals to you.

Quick Tip: Free Writing Software

If you are interested in blogging, you really can write powerfully just like Ernest Hemingway.

Google Hemingway App to find it. The software will highlight in colour, when you are writing with weak and boring words. It will force you to write more creatively. And it’s free.

But what if you’re more of a social animal, and you're addicted to things like.

TikTalk, Instagram, and Facebook etc. There is still a bit of SEO to be learned that can give you an advantage.

All the social media platforms have different algorithms. You would need to learn what works on each platform you want to promote on.

All of this is covered in the Marketing Education section of Warriorplus.

The other four main categories covered in WarriorPlus are, Platforms, Industries, and Software.

Platforms cover all the various platforms you see on the internet. Including all the social media platforms.

It could be a course on how to make money on Amazon, or Ebay.

You can learn about making money on Fiverr.

And of course there’s the big Google. There is plenty to learn about SEO. And you need to keep up to date, because SEO is always changing.

And you might want to learn about Paid Google Adwords.

Then you've got the Industries section. That could be local businesses. It could be how to invest your money to make a quick profit.

Crypto is making a big impact on the scene these days. That's all covered in the industries section.

If you join WarriorPlus as an affiliate, you will need profitable products to sell.

You will soon discover an awful lot of money is being made in the Software section.

Here’s the reason for that.

The stuff you learn in the Marketing Education section has a long and steep learning curve.

You were probably starting to think that yourself.

Not only is it a steep learning curve, but there are certain tasks you need to perform to find people to sell to.

And to make the sales.

These tasks are often repetitive, tedious, and can be a bit boring.

That's where software can save the day.

The software can do all these tasks at the push of a button.


Before you join the WarriorPlus affiliate program, I must warn you. There are some less than honest characters on there, and they will be more than happy to take your money.

And leave you with a piece of useless junk software that doesn’t work.

If you promote those products you will get a bad reputation, and nobody will want to buy from you again.

If you join me, you will get Free training. Free traffic tools. Free products to promote. And best of all you will actually get paid just for watching the first few videos.

If you become an affiliate on WarriorPlus, you will need to learn the various instruments on the dashboard. For example, what do hops mean in WarriorPlus?

WarriorPlus Review: What They’re Not Telling You…

warriorplus review

I Googled WarriorPlus Review… and my eyes shot straight to one result.

Faster than Pistols at Dawn in a bloody Spaghetti Western.


Because it's one of the most trusted review sites on the internet.

Trustpilot was displaying only a one-star review.

That's not good I thought.

Almost all the reviews were calling WarriorPlus a total scam. There were a lot of angry people on there spitting out hate.

They were calling them "robbers" and "scammers that should be in prison".

I felt like I was being crushed in the middle of a swelling crowd of political rioters, with the police outnumbered. Struggling to contain them.

So I did some further investigation.

This is what I found…

warriorplus reviews on trustpilot

What is WarriorPlus Hiding From You?

If there are so many bad WarriorPlus reviews, how come they are still in business?

Why aren't they getting shut down?

Here is the answer.

The problem is WarriorPlus is not being up-front. They are not being totally transparent with you.

The fact of the matter is WarriorPlus allow scammers to list their products.


Most, if not all of the sales pages offer a 100% money-back guarantee…

…So what's the problem if you can get your money back?

That’s what they're not telling you.

WarriorPlus don't take any responsibility for the refunds.

If you ask them for a refund, they will pass the buck, and send you over to the vendor.

At this point, you are at the mercy of the individual vendor to decide if they want to give you your money back or not.

The problem is, that there are some very unscrupulous vendors on there. They will run rings around you, and make all the excuses under the sun.

Hence all the bad reviews.

Is WarriorPlus a Complete Waste of Time?

Well, it's not all bad news.

What is WarriorPlus Exactly?

warriorplus get rich

WarriorPlus is actually a very successful platform, that sells digital products.

There are vendors who create the products.

And tons of affiliates hoping to earn big money in commissions. They do this by promoting those products.

Despite the dodgy products allowed into the system, there are some good ones as well.

The products are all in the Make Money Online niche. You will find more courses than you’ve had hot dinners.

You will find a colourful variety of software. All of them claiming to give you a shortcut to riches.

A lot of the courses make you feel good. They give you a great user experience. They are very attractive, and fun to follow.

They can be quite addictive actually. Like a good book you might struggle to put down.

You can learn a lot of stuff.

If you're interested in the Make Money Online industry, it's actually worth buying a few products. You will get some insight into what's going on.

There is no shortage of people chomping at the bit to get their hands on these shiny courses.

It's not a big gamble. Most of the products are low-ticket.

That's one of the problems though. You will find with low-ticket, you don't get the complete picture.

A crucial ingredient will be missing.

I can give you access to completely free training, that won't leave you fumbling about in the dark.

In fact, if you watch the videos, I guarantee that you will be earning within the next 60 minutes.

It costs nothing.

Best Offers to Promote on WarriorPlus

There is a lot of potential money you can earn by promoting WarriorPlus products.

So much it might make your head spin.

How can that be possible with low-priced offers?  Well, the low-priced offers are just a hook.

The sales page builds anticipation, and when someone hits the buy button they are feeling as high as a kite. Like a beautiful Albatross floating in the heavens.

flying high on warriorplus

What has actually happened to the customer is this.

They have entered into the power vacuum of a Sales Funnel.

This vacuum sweeps them off their feet. And like a sudden whirlwind, they lose control.

And they find themselves giving in to their emotions.

It's a bit cheeky.

Because they are now flying blind in the hands of a skilled copywriter.

They are given a hard sell.

A rollercoaster of temptations, that they will find hard to resist. These are called up-sells.

An up-sell is a higher-priced offer.

WarriorPlus calls them OTO's, or One Time Offers.

There are also down-sells, and cross-sells. If you don't accept an up-sell.

A down-sell will surely get you to part with more money. That is a lower-priced offer.

A cross-sell is another tempting offer with a similar price.

Some people give in to every temptation set before their hungry eyes.

This is a big deal.

I have often seen up-sells for as much as $997. Leading up to that you might get $37, $47, $97, $197, $297, and everything in between.

Some buyers are spending well over a thousand Dollars. Many are spending hundreds.

I have often seen as many as nine up-sells in a single product.

And guess what?

Most of the vendors are giving the affiliates a whopping 50% commission.

On everything!

There is big money being made.

No wonder everyone wants to be an affiliate on WarriorPlus. But beware.

Not every product will make you money.

Here’s what to do if you want to avoid wasting your precious time and energy.

When you’re choosing an offer to promote on WarriorPlus, you don't want to promote any old offer.

You want to choose one that will convert well, and make you the most money.

When you log in to WarriorPlus, you will see on display the current top 10 sellers.

You are probably good to go with any of those offers.

But how do you check?

You check the stats on that product. You do that by copying the name of the product.


Click on the Affiliates tab at the top of WarriorPlus. Then click on Offers.

In the search bar paste the name you copied. You will then arrive at the stats.

warriorplus offers

If the top 10 offers don’t suit you, then you can also type any keyword into the search bar. For example, YouTube.

You will see lots of offers related to that keyword.

To find the best, and most profitable offer, see the row at the top.

You’ve got the Release Date. You’ve got Sales, so you can see how many sales have been made.

Lots of sales are good. Hardly any means it’s not selling very well.

You’ve got the Conversion Rate. 15% is good. There is no point in you sending a ton of traffic if it’s not converting. 

Visitor Value is just another way of saying Earnings Per Click. If you get all the other stats right, that one should look good.

The most important stats are the Sales, the Conversion Rate, and last but not least, the Refund Rate.

The Refund Rate is important. 

You want the Refund Rate to be preferably under 5%. An 11% Refund Rate or above could prove very disappointing for you.

Your commissions will be frozen for 30 days. Refunds are usually requested within the first couple of days after a sale is made.

You don’t get paid for any refunds.

So it’s good to check the stats before you put in all the work.

Is WarriorPlus Legit? [Probably]

LinkedIn identifies the owner as Mike Lantz. He founded the company in 2006.

So it's well established. Scams rarely last much longer than a year. So that's a good sign.

You can also view all his 207 employees.

What I'm not so sure about is, that Mr Lantz seems to be very camera shy. He's not at the forefront of his company.

He's not out there answering any questions.

He's not addressing any criticisms.

On TrustPilot, there isn't a single response to any of the complaints. You would think with 207 employees, that shouldn't be too difficult for him.

But there's nothing.

Also, I find this a bit fishy.

If you take his company address…


2505 Anthem Village Drive

Suite E-618

Henderson, Nevada 89052, US

...And put it into Google Maps, you will find a UPS store.

warriorplus headquarters

They don’t seem to have their own offices.

It’s just a postal address, that could easily disappear, or be changed overnight.

Is WarriorPlus legit? Probably. 

All of these issues don’t prove anything. They are not wrong in themselves, but it does raise a Red Flag.

If you are proud of what you are doing, why hide?

WarriorPlus Reviews You Will Find on Google

If you go searching for reviews on WarriorPlus, you will find some of them with a particular agenda of their own.

These are the ones with only one goal.

To lead you away from WarriorPlus.

And redirect you to something called Wealthy Affiliate.

You can sign up with Wealthy Affiliate for free. But cancel that vacation to Lanzarote.

You won't be earning a penny anytime soon.

I can promise you that.

There is nothing actually wrong with what they’re doing. Although I will say one thing.

I have seen a lot of them give quite unfair reviews on various companies.

Where the sole purpose of the review is to redirect you to Wealthy Affiliate.

If you buy Wealthy Affiliate, they will earn recurring monthly commissions.

It will cost you $49 a month, and they will get half of that.

Again, they are not actually doing anything illegal. But I have seen a ton of people on Wealthy Affiliate, and they are not making a single red cent.

Despite paying a premium month after month, after month.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches blogging, and search engine optimization.

And yes blogging is an excellent way to get traffic, but it’s a steep learning curve.

It takes a long time to learn.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for a long time. They used to be good, but I have noticed some very out-of-date information.

And I will tell you this.

The massive amounts of videos, and articles they do have. It’s Information Overload.

It’s overkill. On your time.

You will be on there forever.


I am not affiliated with WarriorPlus, or Wealthy Affiliate.

So I might as well tell you the truth.

How to Make Money With WarriorPlus Products

warriorplus shiny objects

I’ll tell you what.

I'll be straight with you.

If you're a beginner, it's an absolute waste of your time looking at any of the WarriorPlus products.

Buy a few of the shiny courses if you like. It's up to you.

I've done it myself.

The problem is, there are courses in a variety of subjects. Showing you different ways to make money online.

If you do buy into it, I must warn you.

You're going to end up suffering from a very real illness. A long-lasting illness.

It's called "Shiny Object Syndrome".

The majority of people on WarriorPlus are suffering from it. And it’s costing them thousands of Dollars.

What is Shiny Object Syndrome?

It is where you get all excited about a shiny product on WarriorPlus. You buy it. Something will be missing of course.

You don't make any money. (The vast majority of people don't even try)

They are too lazy.

They want to earn as much money as possible, in as short a time as possible.

And that's the message they will hear over, and over again on WarriorPlus.

What happens to you next?

Well, that didn’t work so what do I do now? You jump onto the next shiny object. Full of promise.

The Sales Funnels on there are like an Industrial Hoover. They are sucking people in left-right, and centre.

It can be hard to resist.

The same thing is happening to people, again, and again.

And again…

Different ways to make money. Different topics. 

That’s the essence of Shiny Object Syndrome. It will get you nowhere fast.

Let’s say you are an apprentice, hoping for a good career.


If you were to spend a day learning about plumbing. Then the next day learning about mechanics.

Then the next day learning about accountancy. You’ve heard accountants make a lot of money.

Then you get a bit bored.

Because accountancy is super boring.

So you take a couple of weeks off and play computer games.

Then you find a coupon code for a course telling you, Doctors earn a lot of money.

How well would your career go? That’s exactly what’s happening on WarriorPlus.

People are so desperate to be successful, but they’re running around in circles. Like a dog chasing its tail.

The course creators know this. 

But they also know you will be back for more.

And they have something perfect waiting for you…

The next seductive, dazzlingly, “shiny” promise of easy money.

To be successful at anything, you need to stick to one thing at a time. Give it a chance to work.

The Solution

I know looking at the massive profits on WarriorPlus can send your heart racing out of control.

But please stop and listen.

Before you think about promoting any product. On WarriorPlus, or anywhere else for that matter.

Listen to this.

You can't promote anything without traffic. Period.

You need to tap into a traffic source first before you can sell anything.

Do you like posting on Social Media?

If you do, this short training will get you earning cash within the next 60 minutes.

That’s a Guarantee.

There are no tricks here. You can do this with zero money.

The training is free.

And there is nothing missing.

You might want to learn more about WarriorPlus affiliate marketing.

What Are Hops in WarriorPlus Dashboard?

warriorplus hops

What are Hops in WarriorPlus, and what do they mean?

If you've read my WarriorPlus review, you'll know the importance of checking the stats.

When you check your stats on WarriorPlus, you want to see some sales.

But what if you can only see Hops.

Hops are the people who have clicked on your affiliate link and have arrived on a sales page.

That means people are coming close.

They are inches away from buying something and giving you a healthy commission.

Not so quick.

First of all getting Hops is a good sign, but what do they really mean?

It could either mean you're getting lots of traffic. That could quickly lead to a sale.

Provided your pre-sell is doing its job.


It could mean the same person keeps clicking on your affiliate link. You don't want that happening, do you?

You see, just by looking at your Hops in WarriorPlus, you will never know which is which.

The Hops are not unique. They record anyone and everyone who clicks on your link.

Is there a way to reduce that problem? Yes.

You can at least know which one of your links are being clicked on. You’ve probably got links all over the place, right?

But which ones are being clicked on the most? And which ones are getting no clicks?

You can easily find out by simple tracking.

If you take our free training, you won’t need to track anything.

After the training, all you need to do is post a link, and reap the rewards. Everything is done for you. 

Pre-selling, tracking, hard-selling. High ticket sales give you commissions up to $3000.


There is no cost to you. All we ask is you do a bit of work.

How to Track Your WarriorPlus Links

To track where your clicks and sales are coming from. Take your WarriorPlus affiliate link and add a couple of letters or numbers to the end of it.

This will become a code known only to you.

For example, if you want to put an affiliate link in an email you send out.

This is what you do.

Copy and paste your affiliate link into something like Notepad.

Then add "/" to the end of the URL, followed by your code.

So it would look like, affiliatelink/yourcode

If it's an email your code might be L1 short for List one.

Whenever someone clicks on that link it will show up in your Hops.

You will probably want to keep your tracking code as simple as possible. Otherwise, you will run the risk of forgetting.

Or to make sure you don’t forget, you could keep a note of them in Google Docs, or something like that.

Then as you see your Hops and Sales coming in, you will know exactly where they came from.

When it gets to the point where you have identified that most of your sales are coming from one or two sources.

Focus on what’s happening. What did you do there that is different from everywhere else?

Is the pre-sell different, or is there more traffic getting to it. Focus on what’s working, then rinse and repeat

Lots of Hops But no Sales?

What if you're having lots of Hops but no sales? What could this mean?

If your pre-sell is doing its job, you should expect to get a sale for every 100 to 150 hops.

But if you're getting thousands of hops, and you suspect they are all unique.

Not all coming from one person. This would indicate a problem with your pre-sell.

This is what happens when you send people straight to an affiliate link without using a Bridge Page.

This is a conversion problem. It’s not the end of the world.

Look on the bright side. If you’re getting thousands of clicks, that’s half the battle. Getting people to click on your link is no easy task.

But without conversions, there will be no sales. Obviously, if you got a million clicks you would get some sales.

But that would be down to the sheer volume of numbers. 

A Bridge Page and a Sales Page are two completely different things. If your bridge page is a review of a product, it can’t be all salesy.

That’s the job of the sales page!

When people read a review, they are doing it because they are not sure whether to buy or not.

You’ve got to recognise that. They will be feeling sceptical. So the review has to have a bit of scepticism.

Something they can relate to. 

Then you turn things around to reassure them, that in fact, it’s actually beneficial for them to buy the product you’re recommending to them.

If you do our free training you can get all that done for you.

The Bridge Page is all done for you. The selling is all done for you.

All you need to do is follow some instructions.

It costs nothing from start to finish.

You might want to read about getting a price reduction on WarriorPlus. Or you might want to sell a product. To do that you would need to become an affiliate on WarriorPlus.

Is Affiliate Marketing a Pyramid Scheme? [The Facts]

Is affiliate marketing a pyramid scheme?

You're either thinking about getting involved with affiliate marketing.

Or you're worried about someone who is.

You've heard the rumours.

You need to put your mind at rest. Is affiliate marketing a pyramid scheme?

The short answer is no, but there is some shady stuff out there

What Exactly is Affiliate Marketing Then?

Affiliate marketing is a form of advertising used by companies. They get people (affiliates) to promote their products.

When the affiliate gets a sale, they get paid.

The advantage for the company is, that they only pay out after the sale. That means they don't have any up-front advertising costs.

The advantages for the affiliate are many. They don't need to do any market research. There is no product to create. They don't need to deal with angry customers calling in to complain.

These are but a few of the many advantages of being an affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing vs Pyramid Scheme [Difference]

A pyramid scheme is pure fraud. It is the oldest scam in the book. It starts at the top of the triangle, where people have got to invest.

They are only able to make money if they recruit two or more investors.

These are the downlines.

Those investors must do the same thing to make a profit.

And so the triangle fattens as more and more come on board.

The few at the top make a fortune. But the vast majority at the bottom make nothing.

Why? Because it becomes saturated. There are no more investors to scam.

There isn't even a product to buy. The investors are not buying into anything tangible.

Affiliate marketing is a completely different kettle of fish.

Most respectable brands have an affiliate program. I'm thinking of Google, and Amazon. Ebay, all the big boys, and everything underneath.

They all do it.

The difference is affiliate marketing doesn't have any downlines. It's not all about recruiting.

The affiliate gets paid a straight commission for selling a product. They will earn a commission when someone clicks on their affiliate link. And of course, goes on to buy something.

The Truth About Affiliate Marketing Though

Although I’m telling you affiliate marketing is a legit business model.

That's not to say there aren't any dodgy companies lurking out there.

You will find affiliate programs for overpriced products. Pushy sales pages to get people to buy something they would do much better without.

There are crooks everywhere.


Some affiliate programs don't play as fair as others.

What do I mean by that?

Some companies (quite a lot actually) will charge you money up-front.

You need to pay-to-play.

You can't earn any commissions until you pay for the privilege, or buy an expensive product.

This is usually where the commissions are very high.

People shouldn't have to pay-to-play.  It's not fair.

Then, there are affiliate programs that at first glance appear to be a pyramid scheme.

That's because they pay commissions on your downline. Or anyone you can get to join the program under you.

This isn't actually a pyramid.

For example, I am in the Make Money Online niche.

It has a terrible reputation. But we are not all scammers.

I teach people how to get traffic and sales. I show them how they can earn high commissions.

I lead them into a friendly affiliate program and become their mentor for free.

Why do I mentor them for free? Because I know if they do what I tell them to do, they will get sales.

I will get a small commission on everything they sell.

They become my downline as it were.

They are happy to learn from me because they can get exactly the same as me when they pull people into the system.

They get a small commission on all their downlines.

That’s on top of the high commissions they get from their own sales.

It is not a long pyramid where you need to recruit people, and the people need to pay up-front.

Everyone does the free training, and when they make a sale they get their payment in full.

MLM vs Pyramid Scheme - Watch Out!

You need to be careful with this one.

There actually aren't many differences between MLM and a pyramid scheme.

And yet MLM and affiliate marketing are often thought of as very similar!

That only damages our already bad reputation even more.

Affiliate marketing has nothing to do with all those dodgy MLM opportunities.

The only way those MLM companies get away with it is because they have a product or products for sale.

The products are actually a front.

The main focus is on recruitment. Beware of joining them. Be careful when they ask you for money up-front to buy some products.

Most of the profit comes from the up-front costs people must pay to join, and become a distributor.

And because those distributors have invested money, they are desperate.

So they go out trying to recruit more people.

You see them all the time on Facebook. It's a vicious circle.

Is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing a Pyramid Scheme?

High ticket affiliate marketing isn't a whole lot different to low ticket.

The main difference is you earn a lot more from each sale.

But as I say, most of the time you want to promote any of those lucrative products, you'll need to pay a high price up-front.

That's a downside for some people.

But high ticket affiliate marketing is not a pyramid scheme. Like anything else though it might have a pyramid aspect to it.

You might get extra money if you pull more people into the system.

Have you considered this...

Might it be possible that you are already involved with a pyramid scheme?

Yes, I'm talking about you right now.

Is it possible the company you are working for is actually a pyramid scheme?

affiliate marketing pyramid

Most people are on a hamster wheel, with very little chance of getting to the top of the triangle.

That’s how people have been conditioned. Or actually brainwashed into believing.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way. It’s never too late to educate yourself.

Should I do Affiliate Marketing as a Career?

The great thing about an affiliate marketing career is you can dip your toes in the water.

You don't need to commit to anything.

It doesn't need to cost anything.

If you like it, keep learning. If you hate it no harm done.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, there is so much you can learn. But knowing the basics is all you need to start earning.

You should never stop educating yourself.

It's super easy to find an affiliate product. The part most people find the hardest is getting traffic.

Some people start a blog, and that's how they get their traffic.

If you'd like to learn how to get free traffic from Facebook, you'll enjoy this free training.

There are no scams, and no lies. Plus you get paid $20 for watching a few videos.

WarriorPlus Affiliate Marketing: How to Get Started

warriorplus affiliate marketing

Are you ready to become a true Warrior?

Would you like to become a Black Belt in WarriorPlus affiliate marketing?

It’s an exciting place to be.

But do you have what it takes, to step out onto the battlefield?

Are you brave enough?

Actually, anyone can do it. You don’t need any qualifications or experience.

It will help if you have a real passion for making money. If you do, then learning some ninja skills will be fun.

And it will give you an unfair advantage over other people. Some people wander onto the battlefield wearing a blindfold.

They love the thought of making lots of money. But they don’t bother preparing first.

Guess what?

They don’t last long.

When you know what you’re doing it feels good. Affiliate marketing doesn’t feel like work. It feels like a fun computer game.

But before you go into this, you need a positive mindset. It doesn’t matter if you’ve failed at something before. Don’t beat yourself up.

A true warrior knows about the power of suggestion.

Your mind is incredibly powerful even if you’re not aware of it right now. What do I mean by that?

It means if you go into this telling yourself, I’ve failed before. This is never going to work.

Then you will fail. I guarantee it.

Without going into all the science, your brain will already have set you up for failure. But if you’re positive the opposite will happen.

At the very least, tell yourself, I’m going to enjoy learning.

What is an Affiliate in WarriorPlus?

Affiliates in WarriorPlus promote other people's products within the WarriorPlus network.

The products are all in the Make Money Online niche.

You get a unique affiliate link. This tracks every time a sale goes through that link.

That way WarriorPlus will know who to pay.

You get paid a commission.

But it's a minefield out there. Watch you don't get blown up. Be careful you don't lose a limb or two.

Some products have the potential to make you a boatload of cash. Others will make you nothing.

And there are so many products to choose from, you won't know where to start.

The good news is there are thousands of newbies wandering on there every day.

They are wearing blindfolds.

You are preparing for war.

How do Affiliates Earn on WarriorPlus?

Affiliates on WarriorPlus earn by receiving commissions.

Whenever someone buys after clicking on their link, it is tracked with a unique code.

On your WarriorPlus dashboard, you will see any action that your link has experienced.

You will see how many visitors have clicked on your link, and visited a sales page. WarriorPlus calls them Hops.

It's great to see how many people have Hopped through your link. But Hops don't make you any money.

When someone Hops, it means you have caught their attention. You made them take action. You made them Hop.

Good job.

Not everyone ends up buying though. This is normal.

Your job as an affiliate is to pre-sell before you send people to a sales page. If you are a Ninja Pre-sell Warrior, you will have a very high chance of getting a sale.

You will of course see all your lovely sales sitting in your dashboard as well.

How much Commission Does WarriorPlus pay?

Warrior will pay your commissions usually through PayPal. How much commissions you get paid depends on the individual vendors.

Most of them pay around 50%. Although that might not look like a lot of money, you often get 50% on all the up-sells as well.

That can amount to hundreds of Dollars. And all you had to do was convince them to click on your link.

Some vendors pay 100%. That sounds better, but it's not for you as the affiliate.

They are not working for nothing. The only reason any vendor would give you a 100%, is because they are going to make a ton of money on the back end.

You won't get paid for any of that.

How to Become a WarriorPlus Affiliate Marketer


To become a WarriorPlus affiliate marketer, you will first need to sign up.

It's free and pretty easy to do.

You want to sign up as an affiliate, not a vendor.

Now to get paid you will need a PayPal account. Your PayPal account will need to be authorised by WarriorPlus.

To do that, click on your profile at the top right. And there will be a drop-down menu.

Click on Account. You will then be on a page with a big green button with "+New Account" on it.

You will see PayPal. WarriorPlus recommends adding it as a PayPal Plus account as it will be much easier to use.

The reason for this is most of the vendors pay this way.

How to Get Affiliate Links in WarriorPlus

WarriorPlus is not like Clickbank, you can simply copy and paste an affiliate link.

On WarriorPlus you need to request approval from all the vendors. If you're a beginner this will be a problem.

The reason is you won't have any history on WarriorPlus. The vendors don't know anything about you.

For all they know you might take the affiliate link, and start spamming it everywhere.

If they were to allow that, the sales page would get tons of clicks. (Hops)

But no one would buy anything. This would make the conversion rate for the product look bad.

That's the last thing a vendor wants, is a bad reputation.

(If you do our free training you will get automatic approval)

So you will get rejected by most, if not all vendors.

How to Promote on WarriorPlus as an Affiliate

Once you have approval from a vendor, you will have the green light.

You are ready for action.

This is where the fun begins. The only way to promote WarriorPlus as an affiliate is to get traffic, or people to see your link.

The WarriorPlus Platform doesn't actually teach you how to do that. They act more as a middleman between the vendors and affiliates.

They handle the payments. They don't teach affiliates how to get traffic.

So what can you do?

There are plenty of vendors on WarriorPlus who will happily sell you a course on how to get traffic.

That's what the bulk of them do.

But not every course is equal. There is a lot of trash on there as well. And some of the vendors I wouldn't trust.

If you need traffic to your affiliate link, our free training will show you how.

Or you might want to read more about the WarriorPlus discount code.

WarriorPlus Coupon Code: How it Works

warriorplus coupon codes

If you're looking for a WarriorPlus coupon code, here's how it works.

WarriorPlus does not produce any of the coupon codes whatsoever.

They do have a coupon code system in place, but it's the individual vendors or sellers who are in control of that.

Does that mean you should go and Google the individual product name, followed by "coupon code?"

Probably not.

You see, the vendor or the creator of the product will rarely make you, the customer type in a code to get a discount.

That's not how it works on WarriorPlus.

Any vendors who do use the WarriorPlus coupon code system would be far more likely to do this.

It would make more sense for them to assign the coupon code to the affiliate.

Although they do have the ability to assign it to the customer.

Here's the thing though.

If you're thinking of buying something on WarriorPlus.

The price is almost certainly rock bottom already. There isn't much to discount.

And even if the product creator did assign the coupon to the customer.

It would be a waste of time Googling it.


Because the individual affiliates would be the ones to pass that on to the customer.

If indeed there was any coupon code.

In fact I've already done it for you.

WarriorPlus Coupon Code Websites

I Googled some product names on WarriorPlus followed by coupon code.

And guess what?

There is nothing out there.

There are of course the usual coupon code websites,that claim to have a coupon for everything.

All they want you to do is click on one of their adverts. They get paid every time someone clicks.

WarriorPlus doesn't have an arrangement with any of those websites.

And it is highly unlikely any of the product creators do either.

What you will find though, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Is reviews for that product.

WarriorPlus Affiliates With Coupon Codes

These of course are all affiliates. Eager to get you to buy through their link.

And praying that after you will be attracted to the low ticket price. Like a Honey Bee to the sweet smell of Nectar.

Or should I say Lamb to the Slaughter?

You will then go on to buy some of the up-sells.

Affiliates get around 50% of everything. In commissions.

You will find, that when you buy a cheap product, there isn't much you can do with it.

And once your credit card is out on the table, you’ll feel committed. You don't have much time to think.

I hope I haven't put you off buying that shiny thing you found on WarriorPlus.

You've actually got to be careful on there.

Because not only does WarriorPlus have nothing to do with the creation of any coupon codes.

They don't take responsibility for anything that gets sold on there either. Not surprisingly then there are more than a few sharks.

Are WarriorPlus Coupon Codes Safe?

Sharks that offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, but don't honour it. You won’t be safe swimming around with those greedy sharks.

That's just something I don’t agree on with WarriorPlus.

If they took more responsibility those sharks wouldn't get in. But unfortunately, there is a cesspool of sharks.

I can give you access to High Ticket Training. But it won’t cost you anything. It’s free.

Instead of feeling disappointed after buying a low ticket product, you will get a proven blueprint.

Not only will it not cost you a penny. You will actually get paid real money just for completing the training. It takes under an hour max.

And it's fun to do.

Is it Risky on WarriorPlus?

I would describe WarriorPlus a bit like a Gambling Casino. It’s very alluring. It’s full of flashy Bells and Whistles.

But a gambler never wins. Most of them don’t in the long run.

Yet they keep coming back for more! Why is that?

It’s an addiction for some people.

It is exactly the same on WarriorPlus. People are drawn in by the fancy Bells and Whistles.

The vast majority buy a product, then leave it to gather dust on their computer. 

Some actually buy all the up-sells.

Which can amount to more than a thousand Dollars.

They might play around with it a bit, then give up.

Still amazingly they come back for more, when something else catches their eye.

It’s like an addiction to that euphoria you might get when you play the lottery.

When you hit the jackpot.

When they see the fancy graphic designs on the sales page.

They can’t resist.

But they’re not going to win that Million Dollars. And so the rollercoaster continues. The highs and the lows.

I’ll tell you a secret.

You don’t need a coupon code for anything on WarriorPlus.

Sure there is a lot of stuff you can learn on there. But did you know a lot of it is just a rehash of some older product.

Perhaps with a new spin on it.

Then it gets redesigned. Tarted up to look like a Million Dollars.

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