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How to Delete Your WarriorPlus Account [Pictures]

How to delete WarriorPlus account

If you're asking the question, how do I delete my WarriorPlus account?

You either want to aim a torpedo at your WarriorPlus account, and completely blow it out of the water.


You're wanting to delete your merchant account only.

Either way, you're in the right place.

You might've had a terrible experience on WarriorPlus. If that's the case, it's understandable why you might want to delete your entire account.

You might not want your personal details on there. Or you might want to delete everything for your own personal reasons.

How to Cancel WarriorPlus Account

Here's what to do to cancel your account.

First, you'll need to log into your WarriorPlus account.

Then click on the big red button at the top right. It will have your account username on it.

WarriorPlus account

You will see a dropdown menu. Click on My Account.

You will then be on this page.

Where to delete account

WarriorPlus Contact to delete Your Account

You will notice there is no delete button.

You probably already knew that, and that's why you asked Google.

How to delete your WarriorPlus account?

If you never want to see your Warriorplus account again.

If you want to blow it out of the water and delete it from the internet.

The only way you can do that is by contacting WarriorPlus. And you do that by clicking the Help and Support link at the bottom.

WarriorPlus don't want you to delete your account.

So they haven't made it very easy for you.

They've got every other button on there. Everything you could think of. But how dare you want to delete your account?

We have a nice clear button to accept your credit card though!

WarriorPlus Support: How to Contact WarriorPlus

When you click on the help and support button you will arrive at this page…

WarriorPlus Support

And so the confusion continues.

You find yourself presented with an almighty big search bar. So much for help and support. You're now supposed to start asking questions.

So you try typing Delete Account.

Still no help.

They will tell you how to delete your merchant account. But they are still determined for you not to cancel your whole account.

This is the journey I went on to get the answer.

How to delete your WarriorPlus account?

It was quite frustrating.

Next, I typed in Support.

The sheer lack of help continued.

The only answers were, how to get support if you've bought a product.

That's another rabbit hole I won't bother you with.

I finally discovered how to contact WarriorPlus to get your account deleted. You click on the red circle at the bottom of the page. The one with a white smiling message bubble.

A pop-up will appear. Don't click on any more articles. Scroll down to where it says Start Another Conversation.

Request that your entire WarriorPlus account gets deleted. They say they will get back to you in a matter of hours, but it could take a day.

How to Delete WarriorPlus Merchant Account

If you're wanting to delete a merchant account on WarriorPlus, that's easy. All you do is again, click on the big red account button at the top right.

It has your account username on it. When you see a dropdown menu, click on my account.

Then on the next page, click on the Merchant Accounts button. It's on the right-hand column, under Vendor/Affiliates.

You can either add another account by hitting the green button. Or delete an account by clicking on the little bin icon.

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