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OLSP Academy Review: What You Need to Know

OLSP academy review

I'd heard OLSP Academy is the fastest growing traffic community. Turning newbie marketers into Super Affiliates. So I thought I would investigate, and see what all the fuss is about.

This is what I discovered...

OLSP Academy Review

The affiliate marketing industry is currently worth over $8 Billion Dollars. So there's plenty of money out there for the taking.

But the reason I was skeptical is because getting traffic is the hardest thing for newbies. It's what they struggle with the most.

And even if they do manage to get some traffic, there is another massive hurdle to overcome. That is the problem of conversions. Turning that traffic into sales.

You can get all the traffic in the world, but if it doesn't convert you make no money.

So I joined OLSP Academy.

What is OLSP Academy, And Where Did it Come From?

OLSP Academy is a free training portal. They claim to be able to take any struggling affiliate marketer. No matter where they live. Their background, or experience.

And turn them into cash-generating experts.

Wayne Crowe is the owner of OLSP Academy. He is a multi-millionaire, with more than 23 years of experience in sales and conversions.

He has strong connections with WarriorPlus. He was a very successful vendor there. WarriorPlus is a massive sales platform.

There are two groups of people. Vendors (product creators) and affiliates. Those are the ones who promote the products in return for a commission.

The majority of products on WarriorPlus are junk. And most of the vendors are shady at best.

But there are a few good guys.

Wayne then went on to create his very own affiliate platform. That platform is now known as OLSP Academy. Its name used to be called OLSP System.

The site has been refurbished and improved. 

It has a similar model to WarriorPlus. Products are being sold, and affiliates are promoting them.

The difference is though. WarriorPlus offers no training whatsoever for the affiliates.

What has been happening for many years, and what is still going on.

Is, the affiliates on WarriorPlus get all their training from buying WarriorPlus products.

And as I say, most of them are junk. So you can imagine how successful those affiliates are going to be.

The fact is, most of the people who are buying WarriorPlus products. Are actually the affiliates themselves! 

It's crazy.

But true.

They are there to earn commissions. But they end up being the customers themselves.

That's not the case with OLSP Academy. The training is comprehensive and free. At OLSP Academy, the affiliates are able to make real money. They apply what they learn and start earning commissions.

Wayne is so confident in the Academy, that he pays people $20 for doing the Bootcamp.

How Does OLSP Academy Work? [The Process]

When you Sign up for OLSP Academy, you sign up through one link. That's what OLSP stands for. It means One Lead System Pixel. It allows everyone in the academy to earn commissions through a single link. And that's without having to sell anything.

When I signed up, I entered my email address. And my special link was automatically generated.

I joined the OLSP Academy Facebook Group, and they enticed me towards the Bootcamp. With the lure of earning a free $20. The Bootcamp took me about an hour and a half. The videos aren't very long.

It's pretty basic stuff though. You won't become a cash-generating expert after completing the Bootcamp.

And the $20 Dollars is just a gimmick.

It's very clever though, to entice people in. You see they don't pay $20 straight into your bank account.

You've got to have at least $50 in your account before you get paid anything.

It gives you a head start though. Make one sale, and you could be due a payout. 

Learn Email Marketing Step by Step With OLSP Academy

Email marketing at OLSP academy

Now we're getting into the real meat. You get to learn email marketing step by step.

After I completed the Bootcamp, I did the main training. It is top-notch. And you would pay good money to learn that anywhere else.

So it is excellent you get it all for free.

The only issue you might have is, that they ask you to buy a funnel system.

It costs $47 a month.

Of course, if you send someone in through your OLSP affiliate link, and they buy.

You will earn a recurring commission every month. But you don't need to buy it yourself.

In fact if you don't want to learn email marketing, you can still make money with this.

And not spend a single penny.

All you would need to do is follow the training and share your OLSP Academy affiliate link.

All the selling will be done for you after that. That includes follow-up emails. Wayne Crowe will email all your leads every day until they buy something.

And he will pay for retargeting adverts if they don't open the emails.

And his expertise should get you earning commissions.

With that said, I can't encourage you enough to build your own email list as well.

If you send people into the Academy, most people won't buy anything. They need following up.

Once you're in your OLSP Academy dashboard, you will be able to message your contacts manually. It's all in the training.

That's better than nothing. But once you get a couple of hundred leads, that's going to take you a heck of a long time. You could spend all day, just emailing people.

When you have your own email list, you can follow them all up on autopilot.

OLSP Academy has its own landing page software for capturing email addresses. It's called TD Pages. And it costs $47.

On top of that, you would need an autoresponder to send out the emails to people.

The training will recommend Getresponse, which is a great autoresponder.

You can actually get Getresponse for free now. But that's only for 500 subscribers. After that, it gets pretty expensive.

Free Landing Page Builder For Affiliate Marketing Right Here

Lightbulb at OLSP Academy

If you'd rather start earning money before you pay for anything. I recommend you go through all the training at OLSP Academy.

But don't buy anything. You don't need it.

I am using an amazing funnel builder called Systeme.

And no that's not a typo, that's how you spell it. If you've been in the marketing space for any length of time, you've no doubt heard about Clickfunels.

And all the hype that goes around with it.

Clickfunnels is a fantastic funnel builder, but it costs $97 a month for its most basic service.

If you pay $297 a month, you get a lot more. Including creating webinars, and creating courses. You can even create your own affiliate program.

Well, guess what?

Systeme can do everything Clickfunnels can do.

And more!

And did I tell you?

It's free.


How amazing is that? In fact, the owner of Systeme, Aurelien Amacker, is a former Clickfunnels user himself.

He is a professional marketer. And for a long time, Clickfunnels ruled the roost with the big boys.

What he has created is very similar. If you've ever used Clickfunnels, what you'll notice is. The layout and functionality of Systeme is much the same.

It has a similar feel. And it's very easy to use.

Why is Systeme much better than Clickfunnels? Here's why...

With Clickfunnels, you can create a beautiful landing page to capture people's emails.

It also has a built-in autoresponder, for sending emails to people on autopilot.

Sounds great, doesn't it?

But here's the catch.

If you're on the basic plan. $97 per month.

You don't get the built-in autoresponder.

It's exactly the same with TD Pages I told you about earlier. ($47 a month)

To get the landing page and the autoresponder, you would need to upgrade to $297 every month.

Can you imagine someone just trying to get started in the affiliate marketing game?

With all those upfront costs?

That's what it was like for many years, I can assure you. Clickfunnels ruled the roost for a long time.

It wasn't easy for the little guy with a family to feed. Trying to get ahead in life. So that he could be a better provider.

Well again.

Guess what.

Now the little guy can do it all for free.

Landing pages and autoresponder are all for free.

With Systeme.

How do you feel about that?

Don't you think that's incredibly decent of Aurelien?

With Systeme, you get the chance to collect emails from 2000 people. That's right two thousand.

And you can send unlimited emails every day.

For free.

After 2000, it will cost you $32 a month.

If you collect 2000 email subscribers.

And you're not making money.

Do Not Upgrade.

If you've got 2000 targeted subscribers. You should be making a lot of money.

Here's a trick:

If someone has never opened your emails.

After 4 weeks.

Delete them.

That way when you get to 2000, you will have an active audience. For free. And you should be making plenty of money.

Have a look at the dashboard...

Traffic Domination Gets You Sales And Commissions

When you join OLSP Academy, you will get a special affiliate link. All you need to do is share that link.

All the selling will be done for you after that point.

But you will still need to get traffic to that link first.

And as I say, that's the hardest part.

Luckily the training at OLSP Academy is all about traffic. There are a variety of methods taught.

I saw plenty of newbies on there. The ones taking action are getting results.

A lot of them are using the TD Pages for $47 a month, and putting up screenshots of all their earnings.

But I know for a fact, that some are using their own autoresponders and landing pages.

If you build a list using Systeme. And send people into the academy, you will get recurring commissions on TD Pages.

Wayne Crowe does a lot of Facebook lives. You will love the free training.

They are a bit long though.

They are always about getting traffic. He always offers a special deal at the end of them.

He always records them, and you're going to love what I'm about to tell you.

Once you're in the Academy, you can get a link to all the replays. There are tons of them.

If you copy the replay links, you can put them in your autoresponder to send out to your list on autopilot.

All you do is write something about the replays, then put the link at the end of the email.

If you're stuck on what to write. You can simply copy and paste The headline and description on each video.

If anyone buys the offer at the end of the replay.

You will get paid 50% commissions.

Even as a free member.

I've seen people do it.

I have joined their list to have a sneak peek at what they're up to.

There is big money in some of those replays.

If you send someone in, and they buy on the lives, you will get paid as well. But not as much as the replays.

Traffic Dominators on Hand to Help You

There are a bunch of traffic dominators on the OLSP Academy Facebook Group.

There are people asking questions. The advice coming from the traffic dominators is first class.

There are well over 130,000 people in the Group. They are all very friendly and upbeat.

Again, the biggest thing you need to make money in there is traffic.

You can get traffic from anywhere.

I am getting traffic from this blog. You could get traffic from Youtube.

Youtube shorts are explosive at the moment. That's because Youtube is copying TikTok.

Same with Instagram. Just do what you prefer.

Another trick:

Just be fun on TikTok, don't try to sell anything. When you have zero subscribers, put your Youtube channel in your profile. Say, or do something to grab attention.

Tell people to visit your profile and watch a video. 

In the video help people, genuinely. Speak as though you were speaking to a member of your family. Put your affiliate link in the description. Tell people to click on the link below, pointing downwards with your finger.

When you have 1000 subs on TikTok, you will be allowed a link in your profile. You could then use a blog to do the selling. 

Whatever traffic source you are working on, remember one thing.

Don't stop.

Consistency is key.

Here's another short video.

My Final Thoughts on OLSP Academy.

I have Reviewed OLSP Academy thoroughly. And I can honestly say hand on heart. It is a genuine and legit place to learn affiliate marketing.

The stuff they are teaching is ethical and up to date.

If you make use of Systeme, you have the potential to make a lot of money with the replays. And all for free.

The only thing I would add is. I forgot to mention it. To collect emails, you will need a lead magnet.

That's something you give away for free in exchange for their email. You can either entice people with the free $20. Or give away a cheat sheet. Don't know what to write?

Find somebody else giving away a cheat sheet. Copy the ideas. Not word for word.

Write them out on a Google Doc, and save it as a PDF.

And there you have it.

If you combine everything on this page, with what you will learn at the OLSP Academy. You have absolutely no excuse not to make money.