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What is Visitor Value in WarriorPlus? [Very Important]

What is visitor value in warriorplus

You're an affiliate marketer on WarriorPlus. You're looking for a product with the highest earning potential. And you've noticed the Visitor Value Metric on WarriorPlus.

But what does visitor value in WarriorPlus mean?

What is Visitor Value in WarriorPlus?

Visitor Value in WarriorPlus is the same as Earnings Per Click. (CPC) It is the average amount of money people are making when someone clicks on an affiliate link. Based on data. It is not what you will earn when someone clicks on your WarriorPlus affiliate link. That is a different calculation altogether.

How to calculate your visitor value on WarriorPlus.

Imagine you are running paid ads for a WarriorPlus product. Let's say your total profit is $100. To keep it simple.

If 50 people clicked on your affiliate link, and you gained $100 from that.

Your actual visitor value is, your total earnings, divided by your ad spend.

$100 divided by the total clicks.

Your WarriorPlus visitor value would be $2 per click.

A lot of marketers on WarriorPlus are not aware of this. But now that you have this knowledge it has given you a superpower.

You will be able to earn a lot more than other people.

No longer do you have to wonder if paying for ads will be profitable or not.

You will know what outcome to expect. And you can compete against other affiliates.

Knowing how much you can afford to spend.

How much can you afford to spend?


If your personal WarriorPlus visitor value is higher than your cost per click, you just made a profit.

If it costs you $80 to earn $100. You are in profit.

Most people on WarriorPlus are basing their profit expectations on the visitor value.

The average visitor value that is. What you see displayed in WarriorPlus.

When you click on a product.

Yes, it gives lets you see a product is converting well.

Or not.

But just because a product has a high visitor value, doesn't mean you will earn that.


Because it depends where you're sending the traffic from.

It depends on what people you put the WariorPlus product in front of.

If you go into irrelevant Facebook groups. Let's say, Buy Sell groups.

And you spam your affiliate link all over the place.

You might get clicks. But it would be from people not interested in buying what you're selling.

If you get 1000 clicks from people not interested, you will have a very low visitor value.

And the product creators on WarriorpPlus don't want that.

They don't want their products showing up on WarriorPlus with a very low visitor value.

It would make their product look bad, and nobody would want to promote it.

Everyone on WarriorPlus is looking at the numbers.

Good conversion rate. Check.

Good visitor value. Check.

Low refund rate. Check.

If you were to send spam traffic, you would get low conversions. Low visitor value. And a high refund rate.

Not good.

That's why it's incredibly difficult to get approved on WarriorPlus.

When you're a beginner that is.

If the vendors don't know you, they don't want to take a chance.

How to Increase Your Visitor Value on WarriorPlus

valuable gold

Choosing a product to promote based on it having a high visitor value isn't the most clever of strategies.

Because it's not what you can expect to earn.

The fact that any product has a high visitor value though, does tell you something.

It tells you the affiliates for that product, are sending quality, targeted traffic.

They are putting the product in front of people who have a need. They have a journey they are on.

And the product is offering to fulfill their need. It's offering to get them to their destination.


The affiliates are also sending people who can afford to buy the product.

What they are doing is.

They are Qualifying.

They are qualifying the prospects before they send them to an affiliate link.

In other words, they are filtering them. They are refining them.

Imagine you are mining for gold. I don't want to call you a gold digger.

Because today it has a different meaning, and it's often directed at women.

But some people actually do it for a job.

Some people are gold diggers for a living.

So imagine you're digging for gold. And you manage to extract a lot of gold from the earth.

If you have half a brain, you would want to sell that gold for as high a price as possible.

But your gold has impurities in it. It has zinc, and copper, mixed with silver, and iron.

You would need to refine your gold.

When you melt your crude gold at a very high temperature. And treat it with chloride.

It releases the foreign elements.

Giving you 99.5 pure gold.

that's what you want to do with your prospects. You want to refine them. get rid of the impurities.

Get rid of the people unlikely or unable to buy.

When you refine people before you send them to WarriorPlus. You will get a much higher visitor value.

How to Get Traffic to Your WarriorPlus Offer

Another way of refining your prospects into pure gold is with an email list.

I am going to talk about that on the next page.

But how do you get all that good traffic in the first place?

Where do you find suitable people to refine?

The next page is all about traffic. In this review about traffic, you will find out.