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Why Are WariorPlus Products so Expensive? [Reason]

why are warriorplus products so expensive

If you're wondering why WarriorPlus products are so expensive, here's the answer.

Why Are WarriorPlus Products so Expensive?

WarriorPlus products are expensive because they are up-sells. The buying process starts with a low-cost item called a tripwire. The buyer then goes up a value ladder, where the products get much more expensive.

Almost all products in the WarriorPlus shop start with a low-cost tripwire. It is an impulse buy. Nobody would be likely to buy a high-ticket item on a whim now, would they?

I recommend you do a full inquiry of WarriorPlus before you buy anything.

The tripwire product lures people in to take the bait.

Like a fisherman out on the open sea hunting for some seabass. He might attach a strip of squid to his hook. Then he casts his line into the ocean.

This is irresistible to the fish, and they can't help but take the bait.

Now that's all very good.

Nothing wrong is being done here. People need to eat, and the fisherman needs to earn a living.

Well, exactly the same thing is going on over at WarriorPlus.

The tripwire needs to have an irresistible offer for people to take the bait.

When they whip out their credit card.

They need to feel like they're getting incredible value for money.

It has to feel like a no-brainer to them. The problem is with 90% of the products on WarriorPlus. It is not real value.

It is a "perceived" value.

Value Ladder Marketing on WarriorPlus

warriorplus value ladder

The sellers on WarriorPlus use Value Ladder Marketing. The first offer you will see on a sales page will be very low cost.

Often around $7 Dollars to $20 Dollars. You will see high-quality graphics and images. Very dazzling and enticing.

Most of the products are either a course on how to make money online. Or software to help you make money faster.

They are all digital products you can download, or get access to from your computer.

But the images sell the products as tangible, shiny, glossy, irresistible things.

Like a brand new Lamborghini. You feel like you're taking an actual test drive.

With your hands on the steering wheel, you can smell the expensive Italian leather.

You can hear the roar of the powerful 4.0-liter twin-turbo engine. You feel the thrill, as you take off at warp speed.

lambo on warriorplus

Lamborghini aren't selling cars.

They're selling feelings.

And so are the vendors on WarriorPlus. Except the products they're selling are not tangible. They are digital downloads.

As soon as you click on the buy button, in the thrill of the moment. An up-sell appears. A more expensive product.

You need this product.

So they say.

So that you can get the full benefit of the tripwire you clicked on to buy.

If you agree to buy the up-sell, you keep getting more expensive offers.

And if you say no thanks, you still get sold to. It can cost hundreds of Dollars.

Of course, the tripwire was junk in the first place. It isn't really a value ladder.

It's a ladder of junk, on top of junk.

Let's get one thing clear though.

Value ladders in themselves are a good thing. You can make a lot of money with them. They are a legitimate way to sell stuff.

As long as you're not ripping people off, by selling junk that doesn't work.

And that's what a lot of people on WarriorPlus are doing. They are taking a legitimate sales method (value ladder marketing) and misusing it.

Why is WarriorPlus Allowing this?

WarriorPlus allow it because they are not liable for the consequences. They are acting as middlemen so to speak. Think twice before you enter WarriorPlus.

They have nothing to do with any customer service. That is the responsibility of the vendors.

And if bad vendors come and go they don't care. As long as they are getting their cut.

A dodgy vendor can be very good at sales and marketing. That means they can make a lot of sales. Even if the products they are selling are crap.

How do you know most of them are crap? Because there are vendors pumping out new products every day.

What happens is they launch a new product. The product is often a rehash of older products

Same thing. Different name, and a shiny new cover. The product launch creates a buzz, that lasts for about 3 weeks. They make a killing. Then abandon the product.

No customer service.


Then they move on to the next launch. It's a case of rinse and repeat.

How Much Money is WarriorPlus Earning From all This?

WarriorPlus gets 4.9% + 10c per transaction. They get that from the vendors. With a turnover of $10 Million Dollars, that's a lot of money.

The fact they don't take responsibility for the products. And that the vendors are only in the business of launching products. Not in taking care of those products, and looking after customers.


It's all about the money.

If you go to a website called Muncheye. You will see the same vendors over and over again. Muncheye is a timeline for when products are being launched.

They are in the pre-launch stage at this point. You will see a calendar for products to get launched, months and months into the future.

Did you know that every single day, five to ten new products will get launched.

That's a lot of products. The owners don't update all that software. As I say, they create a buzz for 3 weeks. Make a killing. Then jump ship.

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