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What is Clickbank ID? Your Pathway to Profits

what is clickbank id

Hey fellow affiliate,

So you've found an amazing product you'd like to promote.

But you've stumbled across the term "Clickbank ID".

What is Clickbank ID exactly?

Well, the term "Clickbank ID" is an old-fashioned term.

There is a good chance the seller you've come across is old school.

A few other confusing terms you might come across from the old schoolers are.

CBID, Affiliate ID, and Vendor ID.

Now you'll know what these terms mean if you ever see them floating around.

What is Clickbank ID Meaning? [Simple]

Your Clickbank ID is the exact same thing as the Account Nickname you create when you first sign up.

Your account nickname is very important.

It is unique to you, and only you. Whenever you get a sale, your nickname will identify you as the one who will receive your payment.


Your Clickbank ID is Also Important Because...

You will be using it every time you log in to Clickbank, and when you do you will see your ID at the top of the page.

An even more important thing to consider before you choose an ID, is it will be visible to the public.

When someone clicks on your affiliate link (hooray) they will be given a Hard Sell.

Then when they click on the Buy Button.

Your Clickbank ID will be visible at the very bottom of the page.

It won't stand out in Bold, but it will be visible nonetheless.

It will look like this…


It’s important not to decide on just any Clickbank ID, because it could end up making, or breaking the sale.

So it’s worth taking a bit of time to decide on the best one for you.

Clickbank Name Generator [Examples, Ideas]

First of all, you could Google any name generator, and get anything to use as a Clickbank ID.

The main purpose of the Clickbank ID is to identify you so that you get your money.

But there’s more to it than that.

You want everything about you to build trust.

People need to go through a particular process before you will ever see any of those juicy commissions.

From start to finish, they are going through a process.

You are not forcing anyone.

You are guiding them.

People love to be guided. That’s why they love tour guides.

They are not being forced to meander through the peaceful Champagne vineyards in France.

They are enjoying the journey.

The way to get people to buy through you’re affiliate link, is to be that helpful guide.

You need them to enjoy the journey from start to finish.

Let's imagine someone starts their journey on Facebook.

You have written a post that catches their attention. They are intrigued so they click on your link.

They trusted you enough to click on that link. Now you want that trust to keep going.

You want that trust to keep flowing right until the end.

Until the moment they feel super-excited enough to get their credit card out.

This is how they should feel after they click on your link.

Here goes…

They trusted you as the affiliate who recommended the product.

So they clicked on your link.

You guided them over to a sales page or video.

As a helpful tour guide, you addressed any hurdles they might expect to see.

You addressed a minefield of destructive doubts that lay ahead of them.

In other words, you prepared them, by letting them know what to expect.

When you guided them over to the sales page there were no surprises.

They were happy, even excited to do what you told them.

Then they got super-excited as the sales page or video built up their desire to buy.

This is a crucial point.

You don't want them to hesitate at the last moment.

When they're at that point of no return.

When their urge to buy is at its greatest.

And just as they are reaching for their wallet...

Their passion-glazed-over-eyes catch a glimpse of your Clickbank ID.

Your nickname.

They read it.

It says “affilite=conman76”.

It's game over.

You lost the sale.


Because you cast a shadow of a doubt. All it takes is one hesitation, and the buyer will start to question themselves.

A hesitating buyer is a non-buyer.


At that crucial moment, you want to cast another tasty morsel of trust. With your Clickbank ID, or nickname.

What is a Good Clickbank Nickname to Choose?

If you're planning on building an audience of loyal followers.

And you should be.

Then using your own name is a great idea for a Clickbank nickname. When people trust what you tell them, then they recognize you're nickname.

That is reassuring for them.

You could use that first letter of your first name with your last name.

Or it could be last name abc.

Or any combination.

Another good Clickbank nickname would be one that makes them feel good.

Remember a lot of unique Clickbank nicknames will be gone already.

You might need to use your imagination. But this is what I recommend.

Try to use a word that invokes confidence.

Words like Secure. Safe. Choice. Support.

You can add numbers to make it unique.

Then claim your nickname.

Your pathway to profits.

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