What Are Hops in WarriorPlus Dashboard?

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What are Hops in WarriorPlus, and what do they mean?

If you've read my WarriorPlus review, you'll know the importance of checking the stats.

When you check your stats on WarriorPlus, you want to see some sales.

But what if you can only see Hops.

Hops are the people who have clicked on your affiliate link and have arrived on a sales page.

That means people are coming close.

They are inches away from buying something and giving you a healthy commission.

Not so quick.

First of all getting Hops is a good sign, but what do they really mean?

It could either mean you're getting lots of traffic. That could quickly lead to a sale.

Provided your pre-sell is doing its job.


It could mean the same person keeps clicking on your affiliate link. You don't want that happening, do you?

You see, just by looking at your Hops in WarriorPlus, you will never know which is which.

The Hops are not unique. They record anyone and everyone who clicks on your link.

Is there a way to reduce that problem? Yes.

You can at least know which one of your links are being clicked on. You’ve probably got links all over the place, right?

But which ones are being clicked on the most? And which ones are getting no clicks?

You can easily find out by simple tracking.

If you take our free training, you won’t need to track anything.

After the training, all you need to do is post a link, and reap the rewards. Everything is done for you. 

Pre-selling, tracking, hard-selling. High ticket sales give you commissions up to $3000.


There is no cost to you. All we ask is you do a bit of work.

How to Track Your WarriorPlus Links

To track where your clicks and sales are coming from. Take your WarriorPlus affiliate link and add a couple of letters or numbers to the end of it.

This will become a code known only to you.

For example, if you want to put an affiliate link in an email you send out.

This is what you do.

Copy and paste your affiliate link into something like Notepad.

Then add "/" to the end of the URL, followed by your code.

So it would look like, affiliatelink/yourcode

If it's an email your code might be L1 short for List one.

Whenever someone clicks on that link it will show up in your Hops.

You will probably want to keep your tracking code as simple as possible. Otherwise, you will run the risk of forgetting.

Or to make sure you don’t forget, you could keep a note of them in Google Docs, or something like that.

Then as you see your Hops and Sales coming in, you will know exactly where they came from.

When it gets to the point where you have identified that most of your sales are coming from one or two sources.

Focus on what’s happening. What did you do there that is different from everywhere else?

Is the pre-sell different, or is there more traffic getting to it. Focus on what’s working, then rinse and repeat

Lots of Hops But no Sales?

What if you're having lots of Hops but no sales? What could this mean?

If your pre-sell is doing its job, you should expect to get a sale for every 100 to 150 hops.

But if you're getting thousands of hops, and you suspect they are all unique.

Not all coming from one person. This would indicate a problem with your pre-sell.

This is what happens when you send people straight to an affiliate link without using a Bridge Page.

This is a conversion problem. It’s not the end of the world.

Look on the bright side. If you’re getting thousands of clicks, that’s half the battle. Getting people to click on your link is no easy task.

But without conversions, there will be no sales. Obviously, if you got a million clicks you would get some sales.

But that would be down to the sheer volume of numbers. 

A Bridge Page and a Sales Page are two completely different things. If your bridge page is a review of a product, it can’t be all salesy.

That’s the job of the sales page!

When people read a review, they are doing it because they are not sure whether to buy or not.

You’ve got to recognise that. They will be feeling sceptical. So the review has to have a bit of scepticism.

Something they can relate to. 

Then you turn things around to reassure them, that in fact, it’s actually beneficial for them to buy the product you’re recommending to them.

If you do our free training you can get all that done for you.

The Bridge Page is all done for you. The selling is all done for you.

All you need to do is follow some instructions.

It costs nothing from start to finish.

You might want to read about getting a price reduction on WarriorPlus. Or you might want to sell a product. To do that you would need to become an affiliate on WarriorPlus.

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