Branded Surveys Review - Warning! Read This First

branded surveys

I felt I really needed to write this Branded Surveys review, to warn people what they’re really letting themselves in for.

First let me make this clear.

I am not in any way affiliated with Branded Surveys.

This is a completely independent review based on my own personal experience.

Before I joined Branded Surveys, I did my due diligence.

I checked out the online reviews.


On Trustpilot I found 38,537 reviews. The vast majority (66%) rated Branded Surveys as excellent. 

That was definitely a good sign.

Only 3% rated them as bad.

What is Branded Surveys?

What is Branded Surveys actually all about? Well they used to trade under the name MintVine.

They started in 2012, and have connections with some of the largest companies in the world.

These companies need to do market research, and they’re prepared to pay real people for they’re feedback.

It works by connecting you with these companies in the form of surveys.

You get paid for filling out surveys, and the companies get the information they need.

They have a points system. The more points you earn, the more money you get paid.

It’s a very simple system.

Branded Surveys Payout - How Much Can You Earn on Branded Surveys?

Basically 100 points is equal to $1 Dollar.

You only need 500 points to qualify for a payout.

And they give you an incentive for getting started.

You get a free 50 points just for joining, and another 50 points for doing your first survey.

They also have a bonus system to keep you hooked.

How Much is 1000 Points on Branded Surveys Worth?

How much is 1000 points worth? If you have 1000 points you will get paid $10 Dollars.

If you do a minimum amount of surveys within seven days, you get paid an extra small percentage.

They also have bronze, silver and gold levels where your points will be worth a bit more.

How Much Money Can You Get From Branded Surveys? (Top Earners)

Well they have a leaderboard to give you an idea of the top earners. This gives you an idea of how much money people are getting.

I have no intentions of even trying to get onto the leaderboard. 

Here’s why.

They have a daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboard.

I looked at the top earner for the monthly leaderboard.

And I noticed the guy at the top has 47,484 points.

Now bearing in mind, he must be working flat out, full time to achieve that.

47,000 points divided by 100 points. Since 100 points equals $1.

That’s only $470 give or take a few bonuses.

And that’s the top guy.

So you’re not going to get rich anytime soon with Branded Surveys!


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Is Branded Surveys Legit? Here’s My Experience

The only way for me to answer the question, is Branded Surveys legit, is to actually try it out myself.

So that’s what I did.

Signing up was very simple. And once I got into the dashboard, I actually found it to be quite fun, and I had a really good user experience.

It was very easy to navigate, and more importantly, there were plenty of surveys available there for me to take.

I basically devoted an afternoon to doing this.

My goal was to make the most money I could, in as little time as possible.

In other words, I wanted to do the surveys that paid the most points, that I could complete in the shortest amount of time.

And there is quite a variation in points you can get, and how long it will take.

The points you can get vary from as little as 5 points for a survey, to as much as 300 points.

Although don’t get your hopes up, most of them are on the lower end.

I may have been lucky, but I did get one survey that gave me 200 points.


That was quite a boost for my short experiment.

I actually enjoyed doing some of the surveys, although I was getting a bit frustrated with the amount of time it was taking.

Especially when I got screened out.

And that did happen quite a few times.

I answered all these questions, in what seemed like a mini survey in itself, only to be screened out.

Some companies seem to gather an awful lot of personal information in the pre-screening.

It’s quite exciting though to see your points add up.

Even though you’re earning peanuts, it is after all real money.

All in all, it took me about three hours to do this.

I went from signing up with Branded Surveys, to cashing in my money.

Here are my results.

So is Branded Surveys legit?

Yes, absolutely.


As you can see from the snapshot, they paid £4.90 into my PayPal account.

That was from earning 690 points.

Or $6.90.

I was getting incredibly frustrated, and bored at this point, and just wanted to cash in, and see if everything works OK.

It does.

The money checked out perfectly.

So it’s worth giving it a go, if you’re bored, and not doing anything else anyway.

You could be lying in your bed, listening to music.

And earn 5 bucks you wouldn’t have had before.

I got some emails from them as well, offering me more surveys.

They looked a bit disappointing though, as the points I could earn from them were very low.

And when I clicked on them, they had already timed out.

If you get emailed any surveys, you’ve got to be fast off the mark, or you will lose it.

You can fix that problem, by setting the emails you get to only arrive when you are ready to take a survey.

In your inbox, you can set a timer for when you want to get some surveys.

You don’t want them coming in when you’re fast asleep.

Is Branded Surveys Available in the UK Only?

I am in the UK, so it works perfectly here.

It’s also available in the USA and Canada.

Unfortunately Branded surveys is not available if you live in Nigeria.

I can offer a solution though.

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Branded Surveys Sign up Warning

If you do sign up with Branded Surveys, I must give you a warning, or at least a heads up.

Although it’s real money you’re playing with out there.

These are not bank accounts.

If you manage to build up a load of points in Branded Surveys, or any other Survey company for that matter.

Don’t think it’s like having money in the bank, where you can leave it for months, then come back and cash in.

I know for a fact with PrizeRebels, if your account has been inactive for 6 months, and then you come back.

Your money will be gone.


Even if before you had thousands of points.

Your balance will be Zero.

Branded Surveys probably has the same policy. You have been warned.

How to Make Money on Branded Surveys With Daily Polls

If you want a break from those tedious surveys, you can make money on the Branded Surveys daily polls.

These are much shorter than actual surveys, and only take a few seconds to answer.

Just a simple multiple choice question, and you get an extra 5 points.

Not much I know, but it’s fast and gives you a bit of variety.

Plus if you do them every day for ten days straight, you get an extra bonus (woohoo)

Partner Survey Questionnaire on Branded Surveys

You may find surveys advertised on Branded from other survey companies. These are totally legit as well.

It just gives you a more diverse way to spend your time making money.

You’ll still get your points added to your Branded Surveys account, if you qualify for the survey.

Branded Surveys Referral Scheme

If you refer a friend to Branded Surveys you get a reward.

Although not a very generous reward I must point out.

For every person you refer, you get an extra 50 points. That’s pretty rubbish in my opinion.

And wait for it.

You don’t get paid automatically when they join. You’ve got to wait until your referral gets to silver status.

In other words, you’ve got to wait until they achieve 600 points.

If they ever do!

They might cash out when they hit 500 points.

And you get...


So those are my thoughts, and experience with Branded Surveys.

It’s a legitimate company that does what it says on the tin.

Although with me earning less than £2 per hour, if I worked an 8 hour day, that’s less than £14.

And even that’s not guaranteed.

Plus doing that day in, day out, would be mind numbingly boring.

And I think it would be quite a lonely experience as well, filling in repetitive surveys all day.

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